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I've been training in martial arts over 25 years and had the pleasure of being coached by Ian Streetz on a few occasions. He is an absolute diamond of a coach. His knowledge is outstanding, and with his energetic and enthusiastic approach to his classes, he knows how to get the best out of his students. Definitely worth a visit, you will not be disappointed.

- Colm


I have trained with a few boxing coaches and Ian has been the best coach by a country mile. He is very knowledgeable about martial arts and gets the maximum out of you in a workout and importantly for me the training was fun. The training is varied, mixing the technical, cardio and strength aspects of boxing. If you are thinking about trying boxing or looking for a coach I would recommend Ian.

- Christian


Professional standard of coaching at student pricing, can't beat it

- Michael


Ian is a fantastic trainer, with great knowledge and a genuine passion for boxing and martial arts. His classes have always been fun, technical and great for conditioning

- Aash


The most positive aspects of the club aside from the people and the atmosphere is the excellent level of teaching combined with the fact that fighters who wish to take on bouts are very well protected from exploitation.

- Coinneach


Great to be taught & train under your stewardship , always recommend friends to join, amazing bunch of people

- Mory


I've been training under Ian Streetz' tutelage for the past few weeks and have learned a lot! He strikes a nice balance between hard cardio grinds and the finer nuances of the sweet science. Every session he teaches us new combinations, angles, blocks and slips with energetic demonstrations and excellent one-on-one advice. Further, he also possesses a vast amount of knowledge about boxing's storied history, and transfers this to us in stories and references for this teaching demonstrations. I've boxed at many clubs in my time, and my experience here has been amongst the best. I highly recommend anyone to join in on a triall session, beginner or advanced.

- Marco


Having commenced boxing fairly recently, Ian's classes ensure that everyone is following the correct technique from Day 1. He explains both the purpose and technical aspects of each combination drill with clarity, meaning you can progress quickly without overlooking crucial footwork and technique.

Moreover, the balance of cardio, bodyweight and conditioning exercises provide an excellent way to ameliorate general fitness levels, for boxing and beyond. Several friends who have tried out classes have been inspired to attend further sessions with 'Stick N Move' Boxing.

I would highly recommend Ian's classes to anyone, irrespective of previous exposure to boxing.

- Abir


Ian's a top trainer. Every session is always enjoyable and challenging. Highly recommended.

- Alvin


Sessions are always dynamic and new! Thanks

- Taehyun


Thank you for all the awesome things you taught us

- Jang Gun


New techniques every session and always keeps us on our toes. Great class.

- Stevie

I have been lucky enough to be trained (Muay Thai) by Ian & also to be treated by him on a number of occasions.As a trainer, Ian brings nothing but positive energy and encouragement to the class. He somehow manages to push us to our limits while still making sure the class is fun and has a happy and safe atmosphere. I personally feel this is really important in a martial art class, so thanks Ian!I've had back problems for a long time now, and they have just been exacerbated by sitting at a desk all day in the office. Before Ian has treated me, I've always been in significant pain. I won't pretend to know exactly what osteopaths do, but whenever I leave a session, I feel completely loosened up and the pain is significantly reduced.I would very strongly recommend Ian as both a coach and an osteopath! 

- Sarah


I met Ian a few years ago when I was in my early 40s and it was something of a watershed for me. I'd always been physically active (football, tennis, athletics and gym) but never felt I was in as good-a-shape as I should have been given how much effort I put in. By the time I met Ian my body was beginning to breakdown - I'd recently had an operation to fix a dislocated shoulder and was carrying a knee injury that also required surgery. Because I couldn't run I was looking for some other way of keeping fit and a friend took me to one of Ian's boxing classes. I had no fight background and wasn't expecting to enjoy it. I thought I'd go to one or two sessions just to keep my friend happy, but quickly got hooked. The training was much more explosive than anything else I'd done and the benefits were tangible - improved weight control, better strength and conditioning, greater alertness and a general sense of well-being. As an experienced trainer and qualified osteopath, Ian has excellent knowledge of body mechanics and an intrinsic sense of what will work for people. He oversaw my recovery from the knee-op and I'm back playing football competitively as well boxing twice a week. I've even had my first fight! I'm not going to say I'm fitter than I was in my 20s, but I am close to being as fit as I possibly can be right now and that's largely down to Ian. If you're looking to challenge yourself in a fun and safe environment arrange to train with him. It might just change your life!

- Mike


I started boxing last year at LSE and didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised and highly recommend both Stick N Move Boxing and Ian. I think Ian is a fantastic coach whose dedication and passion is immediately noticeable, alongside his technical expertise and experience. His sessions are catered to different fitness and experience levels and have a good blend of both conditioning and technical work. I definitely intend to do boxing again this year with Stick N Move.

- Anantya


I cannot rate Ian's boxing sessions highly enough!! His love for boxing and teaching others these skills is undeniable. At the end of my hour pad work sessions I am tired but super energised!! If you haven't had a boxing session with Ian yet you simply must! Having fun and getting fit = winning

- Sinead


Ian works for me at Stars Gym. He's pound for pound one of best trainers in the UK and a super nice guy. I often recommend him to clients as he adds to my clients program of training.

- Mati


By far the most humble and talented boxing teacher there is!

- Amir


Great class for all levels, I would highly recommend.

- Grant

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